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Fibreglass flat roof training
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Flat Roof Training and Advice

Fibreglass Flat Roofing Installations Specialist

If you’re looking to replace the flat roof on your home, then our GRP fibreglass roofing Specialists can supply and fit the perfect GRP (Glass fibre Reinforced Plastic ) Roofing system for you.

GRP Roofing is now widely popular and recognised as the next generation of flat roofing systems and has many advantages over other flat roofing systems.

More commonly known as glass fibre or fibreglass roofing, a GRP roofing system is extremely versatile, strong and waterproof and so is the perfect solution for roofing systems.

For virtually the same cost as a traditional felt roof you could have a roof that lasts a lifetime!

Our founder Graham Roberts (Plastics) GRP Ltd, Established back in 1974 was closely involved in the research and development for the fibreglass industry and was responsible for the establishment and operation of several leading organisations seeking to exploit the advantages of glass reinforced plastics.

This extensive knowledge base provided the firm foundation for the launch of Graham Robert Plastics, dedicated to servicing the rapidly growing market.

Since then, GRP Ltd has continued to expand, with the valuable combination of sound technical advice, quality products and competitive price driving growth.

In addition offering installation with our long standing expertise and quality workmanship makes us one of the leading flat roofing companies in the area!

If you’re looking to replace the flat roof on your home, commercial property or even just a bay window then GRP Fibreglass roofing and EPDM rubber roofing systems are for you.

Due to the UK climate a common problem affecting felt flat roofs is the unsightly growth of moss and algae this moss growth brought on by our inclement weather requires regular removal. Fibreglass flat roofs do not suffer with this problem as moss and algae are simply unable to grow on fibreglass. Along with strong winds & rain felt roofing can lift and tear.

Another common problem suffered by felt flat roofs is blistering and cracking, these issues ultimately lead to costly maintenance bills. Fibreglass flat roofs do not crack or blister nor are the susceptible to moss and algae, leaving you safe in the knowledge there will be no unforeseen costs! 

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Unlike traditional flat roofs fibreglass roofing is a seamless one piece installation because of this water is unable to penetrate the roof and cause leaks, this along with the fact that fibreglass flat roofs do not crack or blister enables us to offer a comprehensive 25-year guarantee.



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