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RoofitAll roof materials
Fibreglass Construction Solutions
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About Fibreglass

So you are either thinking about starting a fibreglass roofing project yourself or are wanting to add this to your services list as an existing roofing company and need some more information. With standard flat roofs, repairing torn old felt and having to fix leaks is a thankless task, it seems traditional flat roofing just isn’t made to stand the tests of time. Fibreglass roofing on the other hand won’t tear or leak and will last you well over 20 years and is virtually maintenance free.

The Materials

These are the basic materials needed to carry out any fibreglass roofing job;

  • OSB3 Sterling Boards – these are only needed if you need to re-board.
  • The RoofitAll Resin System (either standard or premium)
  • RoofitAll Topcoat (either standard or premium) in the colour of your choice, standard colours are light and dark grey, although any colour is possible.
  • Glassfibre – either 2 layers of 450gm or 1 layer of 600gm are used in a roofing projects.
  • Roofing Trims – we supply them in either a GRP or UPVC finish
  • Catalyst with measuring dispenser
  • Edge Sealer
  • Consolidating rollers
  • Laminating buckets for mixing the materials
  • Laminating Brushes – Special brushes to withstand the chemicals
  • Acetone – for cleaning tools
  • Safety materials such as gloves, disposable overalls and goggles  are all highly recommended, the chemicals you will be handling need to be done so with care.
  • A polythene sheet to cover in an emergency if it starts to rain.

The roof is made by laying glassfibre matting, which is a very versatile material and can be shaped to almost any roof. To the glassfibre material you will then need to add the RoofitAll system which comprises the resin and topcoat which can be made in any colour of your choice, but normally it’s either light or dark grey.

About RoofitAll

RoofitAll is the new name in fibreglass roofing materials and services. In our flat roofing range the resins and topcoats are made from high quality materials and are come backed with a 25 year warranty.

We have two systems in the range, the standard system which is designed for small roofs where expansion of the sub straight is not an issue whereas the Premium range is designed for larger roofs fitted with expansion joints and needs a system which incorporates added flexibility.

To complement the Roofitall systems we also offer the full range of support products from high quality OSB Boards, trims in both UPVC and GRP as well as all the ancillary safety products.

If you need any training or want to come along and see how it’s done then free and professional training is also provided at our Nottingham Centre. You can choose between the free 2 hour session or the “hands on” full day course. About our roofing courses.